Application to use for GCO:
Download and extract

To run this, you will need the Java Runtime Environment, available on Sun's Java site (look for the J2SE download, and select the JRE).

The readme for the sim is available here. It is slightly out of date, so make sure to read all the relevant topics on the GCO forum.

Start the EvR application by opening evr.bat, and log in to the "PRIMARY" server.

We use a customized version of the Star Wars: Warlords Homeworld2 mod for GCO battles: download the gco_v2.0.big HW2 mod and the gco_v2.1p.big and gco_v2.2p.big patches, and place them both in your Homeworld2\Data directory. Mod changes available.

Current hotfixes and optional patches in use:
gco_v2.3a7.big 2.3 alpha 7 patch, always used
gco_v2.3a7undock.big A hotfix for 2.3a7, fixing an OOS issue if one uses the 'start docked' map functionality
TREMk2.big patch containing the new "Unknown" units from GCO C4 that have been observed so far.
gco_revrange.big hotfix to ease ISD3 and HSD reverse-while-attacking control

Additionally, you will need the Homeworld2 1.1 Patch.

To run the mod, modify a Homeworld2 shortcut, and add "-luatrace -nomovies -mod gco_v2.0.big,gco_v2.1p.big,gco_v2.2p.big" to the target (right-click>properties>target field).

Screenshots of the mod in action, via past battles, are available: Battles In Pictures.

To make your own pre-set battle files, you can modify the Test Battle Map - be sure to customize the filename and description. The contents are relatively self-explanatory. Custom maps go in Homeworld2\data\leveldata\multiplayer\GCO